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Storm traveling through the northern Atlantic Ocean

Storm traveling through the northern Atlantic Ocean

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STORM, R. O'Hanlon

After exhausting and dangerous journeys to Borneo, the Amazon and Congo - journeys whose exciting and often hilarious accounts produced worldwide bestsellers - Redmond O'Hanlon seemed to be taking it easy. After all, his next destination was Great Britain.
But O'Hanlon wouldn't be O'Hanlon if he didn't look for danger there too. He tracked down the captain of the only fishing vessel that sails during a hurricane and secured a place on board.

This has resulted in a hair-raising adventure that has driven O'Hanlon, consumed by fear, to the brink of madness - or perhaps beyond.

  • Dutch 
  • Paperback 
  • 9789045007755 
  • Pressure: 1 
  • March 2004 
  • 348 pages
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