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Monster of God - David Quammen

Monster of God - David Quammen

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For thousands of years, lions, crocodiles, bears and tigers have ruled the earth's plains, forests and rivers. By the year 2150, they may only live behind fences and glass walls. David Quammen tells the story of the fate of the lions in the Gir Forest in India, the saltwater crocodiles in northern Australia, the brown bears in the Carpathians and the Siberian tigers in the far east of Russia. He discusses the significance of these predators for nature and for our cultures. These are the animals that once ruled us. Their gradual disappearance changes the very foundation of our existence. We end up unapproachably at the top, so high that we almost forget that we too belong to an ecosystem.
The wild beasts that have ruled the wilderness and our nightmares since time immemorial are dying. What will become of us now?
David Quammen wrote several non-fiction books about animals, nature and history. He previously published The Song of the Dodo. He received an Academy Award in literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
About The Song of the Dodo:
'A masterpiece. [...] An extraordinary achievement.' -Publishers Weekly
Intelligent and playful.' -The New York Times Book Review
'A lively report.' - Kirkus Reviews

  • Dutch 
  • Paperback 
  • 9789045014128 
  • Pressure: 1 
  • November 2006 
  • 455 pages
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