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Three Millennia Europe

Three Millennia Europe

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What is "Europe"? This simple question proves extremely difficult to answer. What is actually typically European? What does European identity mean? There are apparently no clear answers.

The authors undertake a historical quest to find answers to the above questions. A series of thinkers, politicians and artists from more than two millennia are reviewed in the second chapter. They answer the questions, but not clear answers. Europe appears to be multifaceted, capricious, often elusive, but is clearly present in history.

The book ends with an outlook. How will Europe fare in the third millennium? Three politicians (Bartho Pronk, Lousewies van der Laan, Frans Timmermans) speak out about the future of Europe. They are limited to the European Union, which will soon encompass a large part of Europe.

Keywords: Europe, History, World orientation, Information

Publisher: HB Publishers

Author: A. Doedens P. 't Lam
  • Dutch 
  • Unknown binding method 
  • 9789055743056 
  • Pressure: 1 
  • 128 pages
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