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Cloisonne is a technology by enamelling , in which crushed wire is attached to a metal surface in certain motifs or figures. This can be done with glue, but also by first applying a layer of enamel, then applying the wire to it and heating the object in the oven, causing the wire to partially sink into the layer of enamel. The spaces between the pieces of wire are covered with different colors of enamel powder. The crushed wire prevents the colors from blending into each other while the enamel is heated. So each color is locked in its own cell. The color areas can also be separated from each other by clay dams.

In China and Japan, the object is then polished until no wire protrudes above the enamel. In the Netherlands, artists usually leave the wire visible above the enamel layers.

This form of art was already practiced in the 5th century BC. and was widely used in the Byzantine architecture. Nowadays it is China the most important production country. In the Netherlands, some enamellers use the technique in their works of art.

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